Appeals arrangements 2023 - Starting School (Reception)

Under the Schools Standard and Framework Act the Governing Board of the school has to make appeal arrangements for parents/carers who wish to appeal against their child not receiving an offer of admission to the school.

For entry during 2023-24, including the Starting School round, the following are the Key Dates for hearing appeals:


Starting School: Event

17 April 2023

National Offer Day for a Starting School place in September 2023 

18 May 2023

Deadline for lodging an appeal to this school (primary)

July 2023

Appeals hearings for primary schools


This provides you with further information about the process for hearing appeals:

  • The person from whom appeal forms are available is the Office Manager – Admissions. 
  • For Starting School entry in September 2023, an applicant who has been informed by the school that they have the right of appeal may download the school's appeal form from this website at the above link.
  • Completed forms with supporting documents should be submitted by the deadline. You may submit your completed form and documents via email:
  • The person to whom completed appeal forms should be addressed is to The Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel c/o the school (email or envelope to be clearly marked APPEALS).
  • Appellants will receive reasonable notice of their appeal hearing and other deadlines, such as deadlines for submitting additional evidence.
  • Decision letters will be sent within a reasonable period from the date of appeal.