The Computing curriculum at Prendergast Primary School is designed to support children in acquiring IT skills which are vital for their future.   

Children need to be able to use the internet effectively and discerningly; as well as use a variety of software to accomplish given goals.   

We also aim to develop our pupils’ digital literacy - teaching them to stay safe and be responsible and respectful online.   

We want to foster and develop children’s creativity through coding and programming. We endeavour to guarantee that all our pupils have equal access to technology in school and to broaden their world view by giving them an understanding of today’s communication possibilities.   

Over the past year, we have strengthened relations with the computing department in the secondary school. We have been working together to ensure that there is a logical computing skills progression and some fantastic transition work has taken place. We have secured 60 laptops and are now aiming to create our own ICT suite on the primary site and have a trolley available for EYFS/KS1 children to use in class. 

Computing overview