PTA & Community Cohesion

We are extremely proud of how our school PTA has evolved.  It has become a very collaborative and well organised operation.  At Prendergast Primary School our PTA is formed to fundraise for the benefit of the pupils at the school. The PTA is as a way for parents to become more involved with their children’s school. Working in partnership with the school, our PTA helps to develop strong links between home and school.

Our School Community

At Prendergast Primary our school community is a respectful, caring and collaborative one.  Children come from a range of different families, backgrounds, cultures and religions. They also have a variety of interests, learning styles and abilities. Despite all of these differences, our aim is for everyone to feel included and welcome within our school community.

Our school community creates positive opportunities for children, families and staff to feel included. By making help and support accessible and finding lots of ways to invite people to take up the support being offered we ensure the happiness and safety of all our families. We aim to help everyone benefit from understanding experiences and cultures that may be different to their own.

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Email: PrendergastPrimaryPTA@gmail.com

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