Religious Education

We are forged by what we believe. Our traditions, our religion, our beliefs inspire our values, what we say and what we do, even in a modern, multicultural society, like the one we live in.

Our school’s ethos is one of inclusion, where diversity of cultures, beliefs and values are celebrated and explored. We believe that knowledge and understanding of the religions and beliefs of contemporary society, starting with our diverse local community, is the key to achieve cohesion and mutual respect.

Teaching of RE plays an important part in promoting an ethos of respect for others and building an understanding of different cultures, while also supporting children personal development and wellbeing. RE encourages pupils to explore their own beliefs (whether they are religious or non-religious), and provokes challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, the self, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human. By doing so, it enables pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging, and to consider their responsibilities to themselves and to others, which helps them flourish within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society.

At Prendergast Primary, we want to make sure that RE is taught in an immersive and interactive way, combining modern, digital resources to traditional, authentic artefacts, allowing pupils to use their senses, develop questioning and problem-solving skills, strengthening their understanding, and empathise with different cultures.

We follow the Lewisham agreed syllabus for RE, however, we always consider children’s interest, community identity and termly topics, when planning each lesson and we build on previous knowledge to ensure that children progress steadily and deepen their understanding.

Humanistic (non-religious) views are also discussed and compared to religious views to make sure that children understand that values, beliefs and traditions are not founded only on religion.

Below is our whole school RE curriculum overview:

Re overview