Our Staff


Headship Team 

Niall Hand - Headteacher of All-through School 4-16 

Vivien Nicholls - Co-Head of Primary School, Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Jill Palliser – Co-Head of School, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Primary Senior Leadership Team 

Vivien Nicholls - Co-Head of School, Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Jill Palliser - Co-Head of School, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tony Donohue - Assistant Head (Pastoral and Wellbeing), Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Emma Webster - Assistant Head (Assessment, Teaching & Learning)

Rosie White - (Acting) Assistant Head (Inclusion and Transition), SENCO


Rosie White - EYFS Phase Lead, English Lead

Luke Hayes - KS1 Phase Lead

Alex Gwinnett - UKS2 Phase Lead, Maths Lead

Sharon Shrubsall - LKS2 Phase Lead, Curriculum Lead



Our Early Years Team 

Rosie White - Early Years Lead


Tanya Waters – Duckling Class Teacher 

Beata Popiolek – Duckling Class Learning Support Assistant 

Kelly Betthel – Duckling Class 1:1 


Assunta Bongiovanni - Cygnet Class Teacher 

Matthew Sheehy - Early Years Practitioner


Our Key Stage One Team 

Year 1 Team 

Jade O'Connor  - Bluebird Class Teacher

Sofia Wyke - Bluebird Class Learning Support Assistant

Kate O'Connor - Bluebird Class 1:1


Penelopi Georgakopoulou – Hummingbird Class Teacher 

Nicky Collins - Humming Class Learning Support Assistant

Dominika Brendel - Hummingbird Class 1:1

Kirsty Smith - Hummingbird Class 1:1


Year 2 Team  

Luke Hayes - Flamingo Class Teacher 

Nargis Ulus - Flamingo Class Learning Support Assistant 


Manal Ghebache - Nightingale Class Teacher 

Tania Maiarovska - Nightingale Class Learning Support Assistant 


Our Key Stage Two Team 


Year 3 Team 

Nick Watson - Penguin Class Teacher 

TBC - Penguin Class Learning Support Assistant 


Fatmanour Chouseinoglu - Robin Class Teacher  

TBC – Robin Class Learning Support Assistant 


Junia Cuellar - Kestrel Class Teacher 

Hozannah Sontan - Kingfisher Class Learning Support Assistant 


Year 4 Team 

Aga Washington – Dove Class Teacher 

Seb Toscani - Year 4 Learning Support Assistant 


Sharon Shrubsall and Nadine Nelson - Goldfinch Class Teacher 

Lejla Culaj - Year 4 Learning Support Assistant 

Elaine O'Flaherty - Goldfinch Class 1:1


Year 5 Team  

Elise Symes-Turnball - Eagle Class Teacher 

TBC – Eagle Class Learning Support Assistant 

Alex Gwinnett - Falcon Class Teacher 

Zai Presutto - Falcon Class Learning Support Assistant


Year 6 Team 

Hannah Tilley – Peacock Class Teacher 

Donovan Walker – Swan Class Teacher 

Remi Gundry – Year 6 Learning Support Assistant

Rory Nicholls - Year 6 Learning Support Assistant