Our Staff

Head of school

Niall Hand - Headteacher

Vivien Nicholls - Head of school and Safeguarding lead


Our Early Years Team

Toy Mitchell - EYFS Co-ordinator, Phonics Coordinator and Duckling class teacher

Nicky Collins - Duckling Nursery Nurse

Sibil Bratulic - Duckling class learning support assistant


Tony Donohue - SMSC Coordinator, Head of behaviour and Attendance, Safeguard Deputy and Cygnet Class teacher

Sinead Aaron-Lewis - Early years practitioner

Fleur Spedding - Cygnet learning support assistant


Our Key Stage One Team

Rosie White - Bluebird class teacher

Assunta Bongiovanni - Bluebird Class Teacher


Emma Webster - Hummingbird class teacher and Curriculum Coordinator

Ibrahim Hamzat - Hummingbird learning support assistant



Lidia Aguilera - Modern and foreign language coordinator and Flamingo class teacher

Max Nicholls - Flamingo learning support assistant


Raj Blanchard - Head of inclusion and Nightingale class teacher

Donovan Walker - Teach first student and Nightingale Class Teacher


Our Key Stage Two Team

Nick Watson - PE Coordinator and Penguin Class Teacher

Kirstie Fogarty - Penguin learning support assistant


Nadine Nelson - PE Coordinator and Robin Class teacher

Sharon Shrubsall - PE Coordinator and Robin Class teacher

Nargis Ulus - Robin learning support assistant



Ellie Honey - Maths Coordinator and Goldfinch class teacher

Emma Bushnell - Goldfinch learning support assistant


Monique Luekong - English Coordinator and Dove class teacher

Aga Washington - Dove learning support assistant


Our Senior Leadership Team

Vivien Nicholls - Head of school and Safeguarding lead

Tony Donohue - Head of behaviour and attendance, Safeguarding deputy and SMSC Coordinator

Jill Palliser - Head of teaching and learning and Music Coordinator

Raj Blanchard - Head of inclusion and SENCO lead



Our Office Team

Pauline Wyke - Administrator

Leah Hemming - Administrator

Lucy Priest - Receptionist



Our Lunch Time supervisors

Jacqueline Scrivens - Lunch time support

Sibil Bratulic - Lunch time supervisor