Our vision is for the curriculum to foster creative thought, expression and experience through collaborative, relevant and connected learning of knowledge and skill that prepares young people to be successful, lifelong learners and holistic, valuable members of 21st century society. 

At Prendergast Primary, we are passionately committed to providing a holistic curriculum that enables every child, regardless of background, to thrive. We believe that all children should feel valued and successful through accomplishment within a full spectrum of academic, cultural and practical activities that enrich their lives, developing confidence and resilience to face any challenge.

We carefully balance the requirement for pupils to reach national expectations through cross-curriculum links and practical application of core and foundation subjects. We find it hugely important to give equal balance to all subject areas, through indoor and outdoor learning, after school clubs, trips and home learning projects.  

Our curriculum is designed to change the nature of children’s thinking, encouraging a deeper level of understanding rather than simply an acquiring of knowledge. It is vital for children to develop their critical thinking skills and creativity in order to leave our school as successful independent learners, able to make valuable contributions to the wider world. We ensure a breadth of learning across all areas of the curriculum, with questions at the center of our pedagogical approaches. We encourage a learning initiative, creating independent learners with a growth mindset.

We cultivate a love for learning by not merely covering the curriculum but by nurturing children’s individual interests and aspirations through thoughtful and enriching experiences that enable children to thrive and achieve as a result.