At Prendergast, we promote a love for mathematics. We have high expectations of learning and behaviour and regularly celebrate achievement, collaboration and effort.

Some children can find maths challenging and can become demotivated from quite a young age. However, here at Prendergast, we strive to bring our learning to life so that pupils develop mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills.


All pupils should become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics (National Curriculum 2014).

In Key Stage 2, children take part in fluency fitness, boosting their fluency and recall of basic number problems.



How do we teach maths?

  • Set work is challenging, inspiring and motivating, helping children to develop a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards maths.
  • Opportunities are provided to develop and extend maths skills through group, paired and independent work, and whole class teaching in a stimulating environment with a range of resources so that all pupils can develop to their full potential.
  • All children have opportunities to apply maths in a real context, developing their reasoning and problem-solving skills.


We follow the White Rose Maths scheme, which is supported by engaging, differentiated learning resources to support all children.