School Council & Pupil Voice

School Council At Prendergast Primary

At Prendergast Primary we promote and educate our children about the concept of democracy.  We find the most valuable and worthwhile way to do this is by assisting pupils to gain first-hand experience of what being a part of a democracy means.  Therefore, each year between January - March we hold our school elections.  By this time of the year our new reception children are very well setting and join the pupil political race to represent their year group along with all the others by running to become a Member of Prendergast Primary School Council.

School Councillors meet with the Head of School and SMSC leader for a 'working lunch' bi-weekly to discuss matters of importance in our school community. Our School Councillors have organised successful fundraising events including a Film Night and are now embarking on a project to raise money for a Home Learning Hub in our school playground. 

The term ‘Pupil Voice’ describes how pupils give their input to what happens within the school and classroom.

Our desire is for pupils to know that their expertise, opinions and ideas are valued in all aspects of school life and the establishment of our school council has embedded that awareness in our children’s consciousness.