Interventions at Prendergast Primary

How do interventions benefit my child?

Interventions are an essential way of ensuring the children are gaining the best amount of support from the resources and trained professionals we have based in school. We offer a range of interventions that are designed to help develop a child in any area of their school or personal life.

We have started working with many outside companies that deliver an array of specialist interventions. these have been received extremely well by the children who have been working on the schemes.

Below you will find an intervention timetable which outlines the areas that we have tailored interventions too. Please be mindful that in class your child will have access to different interventions that may not be listed below.

Interventions that we offer

ASD Speech and Language Dyslexia/Dyscalculia Maths/English Social and Emotional  

Social Stories

Use of visual aids

Blast - EYFS Nessy phonics Catch up maths Lego Therapy  
Visual Timetable Word building games Toe by toe reading scheme Catch up English Construction club  
Sensory breaks Colourful semantics Access to a range of dyslexia and Dyscalculia friendly resources Visual resource Drawing and talking  
Lego Therapy   Cuisenaire and Numicon resources Scaffold resource Art Therapy