Sports Day 2020

While across the Ladywell environs, Prendergast pupils were participating in their 20/20 Virtual Sports Day challenges, here at school the Bubbles joined in a scaled down version of Sports Day.

With the current situation necessitating a hands free environment, we cherry picked the more feet orientated activities. Each bubble rotated the six different zones in a carousel format to ensure they were safely isolated. Having semi-professional footballers Harry and Ibrahim in our ranks, there was always going to be a strong footballing theme. Hence we had dribbling, shooting and passing activities plus a football bowling game which was a lot harder than I had envisaged. Consequently, I was comfortably beaten by the pupils! 


Other fun activities included a free style dance contest, (surprisingly floss free) and walking the tightrope. (Well, a rather loose tug 'o' war rope, but you get the drift). Considering the budding Blondins we have in our midst, I am seriously contemplating having the tightrope suspended one-hundred-foot high rather than ground level next year! Can’t imagine any objections.

There were also plenty of fitness challenges to ensure that the children (and adults) staggered back to their bubbles, exhausted but happy.


Thankfully, the dinner bell tolled before we were cajoled into a teacher’s race but I’m sure they won’t fail to remind us next year when hopefully things are back to normal.


- Mr Watson


Posted on 17th July 2020